What A Day It Has Been

26 Jul


I’m way bummed with the info I have for you right now.

Most of the time my posts and interviews are done at least a day or two ahead of schedule so that when Life happens it doesn’t interrupt our conversation. That just wasn’t the case this week.

I got the opportunity yesterday to talk to Daniel and Megan Webb who have this sweet product called Beard Sauce. I worked on the transcript a bit last night before falling asleep and intended to finish it this morning before wrapping up details to take my students to camp tomorrow.

When I got to the office we were having new printers installed, found out we were having network issues, and I had a few curve balls thrown at me for camp. As the day went on I worked on the transcript here and there at the office and my house. Finally I was close to done and went to save the draft…only to realize, just after clicking the mouse button, that I had no internet connection.

I lost 3/4 of what I had written.

Basically, if I was an overly emotional teen girl I’d have cried for the 18th time today.

But I’m not.

I got a hold of my friend Melissa, who introduced me to Daniel and Megan and let her know what was going on. Then I got a hold of Daniel and Megan to talk about a game plan.

Transcribing recorded interviews takes me about 2-3 hours right now since I’m still fairly new to it, and by the time I’d get the post fully done tonight it wouldn’t get the attention they deserve for it to have.

I’ll continue to work on it this week and share it with you guys next Friday. In the mean time you guys should do the following:

  1. Follow them on twitter.
  2. Like them on facebook.
  3. Check out and donate their indiegogo campaign.

Daniel and Megan have been incredibly understanding and gracious to me throughout today and I can’t thank them enough.

I’m so grateful for them, and for you. Without you there is no conversation, and this is a conversation I’ve grown highly fond of over the last few months.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for growing with me.

Grace & Peace,


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One response to “What A Day It Has Been

  1. Damon

    July 26, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    Sometimes life is like that!


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