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New Things

Well folks. I owe you a big thanks! You’ve helped make Things I Only Share With Everyone more “successful” in five months than was in four years.

I’m not talking about visits to the site. I’m talking about you.

You’ve shared the site with more people.

You’ve engaged with more posts.

You’ve made me think more about what I’m writing.

You’ve given me more to write about.

Because of that I’m excited to announce the next chapter in this adventure.

As soon as you’re finished reading this head on over to the new davidstippick.comThis site will stay live for the next month or so and then it will automatically redirect to the new page.

Understand that the new site is a huge work in progress. It doesn’t look exactly how I want it to look right now, but I’m still learning the ins-and-outs of all this. After two weeks I had to make a decision between a “perfect” site or continuing our conversation.

I’m choosing the conversation.

SO hang in there with me while we build something new.

I’ve loved our conversation here, and I’m excited to expand it on my new site. Thanks so much for all of your continued support!

Grace & Peace,

David Stippick

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Guest Post: Small

Liz Griffin is a blogger I’ve been following for a while. She and my wife are from the same church in Waco. I asked her to talk about A Case of the Mondays with you guys while I was at camp this week. You can follow her on twitter (@larkandbloom) and read her blog at

A few weeks ago, I passed a law office in a strip mall. It was wedged in next to some second hand stores, and a few other miscellaneous offices. Nothing fancy, just the average law firm with faded signage and a few parking spaces. This thought crossed my mind:

“I wonder if they feel small?”

There are so many TV shows about successful lawyers handling glamorous litigations. It seems like every day in the news you come across cases that will shape public policy. It has to make these family lawyers feel that their jobs are silly in comparison.
Social security claims, writing wills, traffic injuries…small potatoes. I hoped that the few family lawyers who worked in that firm didn’t feel all the things crossing through my mind. Small. No one wants to feel small.
Except that we do. We do feel small. We live in this mentality that if what we are doing doesn’t seem mind blowing or book- writing interesting, then it isn’t worth much. Our little minds get stuck in smallness. A spirit of smallness is daunting and discouraging. It breathes insignificance.
I give into a small spirit all the time. I get so locked in on a single days activity that I forget what it is building. Baby steps still go somewhere. I get obsessive about petty things. I give my energy and mental capacity to them. I can’t get big if I am stuck in small.
I hate that feeling. We all do. It holds us down and makes us feel silly if we try and act big. I feel stupid saying, “I’m a writer.” I haven’t written a book or been published. I blog. No, not the blog that they make a movie out of like Julie & Julia. Just an everyday blog like everyone else my age.
We think that if we aren’t the most acknowledged, the most famous or popular at what we do…then it is just a hobby. If your business isn’t mentioned in Forbes, then you are a lightweight.

Perhaps you have a case of the Mondays & are feeling pretty small yourself. Well, here is what I think:
You are still a teacher no matter if you teach at an elementary school or at Yale. A worship leader is a worship leader regardless if they have an album or not. Artist are artists even if their paintings are not insured.

Famous doesn’t make you who you are. Kim Kardashian is famous & I haven’t a clue what she does. So, lets just throw famous out the window. And the spirit of smallness along with it. Sure, I may be a little tiny mustard seed, but I have a big God. And together we move mountains. Even if no one sees.

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